Scientific Studies On Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s Unique Ability Of Transformation

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In the year 1995, when Mahendra Kumar Trivedi received guidance to use the unique Grace of God through his powerful blessings now well-known to the world as The Trivedi Effect

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s Unique Physiological Findings!

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Various researches have been conducted on the various aspects of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s unique physiology that has exceptional body temperature variations ranging between 95 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and the other remarkable observation.

Alice Branton – The CEO Of Trivedi Global Inc.

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Alice Branton has been gifted by the divine under the guidance of Mahendra Trivedi for having so many abilities to perform at the optimum levels.

Mahendra Trivedi’s Unique Circulatory System!

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Mahendra Trivedi’s cardio-circulatory system suggesting the absence of aging process as demonstrated in the results of Arterial Pulse Wave Analysis testing performed by Dr. John Levin.

Alice Branton’s Dynamic and Dedicated Life Towards Human Welfare!

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Alice Branton, has always been a very hardworking and dedicated mother and CEO of Trivedi Global Inc.In the year 2013, Alice Branton became a Trivedi Master™.

Mahendra Trivedi’s Unique Musculoskeletal System

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Mahendra Trivedi owes a very unique physiology that was evaluated by Dr. Shailendra Patil (Rudra Hospital & Critical Care Centre, Nashik) for the purpose of a functional and structural examination and did not present any symptoms.

The Incredible impact of the Trivedi Effect® on Microbiology

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Collaborations with scientists and researchers from various fields, Mahendra Trivedi has surprised the complete worldwide with the various ranges of information by sustaining his remarkable ability through scientific demonstrations and measurements.

Be Blessed With Mahendra Kumar Trivedi And His Energy Transmissions

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Mahendra Kumar Trivedi have the ability of his powerful blessings. Experience Mahendra Trivedi and his Energy Transmissions to make your life happier and healthier.
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